Leadership and Success

The role of curiosity seems unpredictable for the people to aspire their roles and potential mindset for a new era where various unconditional ideas determines the changing patterns toward the genesis. In other words, the world indicates the inception of creative roads for the life-changing scenario. So, excluding the general condition to define the success and leadership ability of the people. It clearly shows that the historical results performed by several leaders had only one quality that defined their position over the normal people and that was “believe” of what they wanted to do to inspire others instead of utilizing their own power and assess owns self-obsessed condition. Under the law of diffusion of innovation, there is a strong connection between the model and the leadership in the people. In order to define the model in the context of leadership and ideas, the gap between early majority and late majority is directly proportional to influence the people for the generated ideas and allow them to implement in the same direction that indicates the late majority factor in the model. The early adopters and laggards illustrates the possibility to quickly adopt the idea and creation or destroy after the market expansion. This concept has a proper scenario in the real life situation, where various people failed to survive of what they wanted to do other than what they believe to do without self-benefit. In addition to the line of believe and self-benefit, most of the people have a mind of to become a powerful and rich in the world because they want to generate the desired results instead of identify the root factor/cause for success or failure. So, this point makes them to become failure because they never believe that how this will benefit to the world other than build their self-power. In this circumstance, a chain to potential influencers would be destroyed and not allow the ideas to convert into actual results. Hence, a lesson for the aforementioned topic is to believe in what you wanted to do and how this might result for the potential benefits. A word “Leadership” is a key success factor to enhance the highlighted scenario because without the influence of the people and creation of new ideas to attract others, it is unlikely that success might not happen and result in a position of laggards as mentioned in the law of diffusion of innovation. The article concludes that people must believe their selves and connect those believes to the actual happening subjected to the consistency and effectiveness of the directions. Leadership is one of the elements that defines these directions to follow in order to manage the powerful conditions and increase the ability to utilize “Out of the box decisions” to change the world forever. ¬¬

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